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Santo Garovaglio Collection

Santo Garovaglio CollectionThe collection, sold by the heirs of Garovaglio at the University Library in July 1884, represents only a small part of the library owned by the naturalist, who, over half a century, collected more than 6,000 works of botanical topic and about 1,500 other nature.

At his death, the Laboratory of cryptogamic botany, the Botanical Garden and the University Library, to avoid loss of this valuable collection, reached an agreement to promote the purchase.

If the Laboratory of Botany obtained the most prominent part of the collection, the University still managed to secure about 80 major works for preciousness and beauty. The lyrics are mainly published in the XIX century, but there are six incunabula (the oldest is a day they Tractatus de venenis by Pietro d’ Abano, published in Padova in 1473 by Leonardus Achates, location 112 A 28) and some volumes dating from the XVI and XVII centuries. Worthy of special mention are a Herbarum by Otto Brunfels, published in Strasbourg by Schotti in 1532 (location: 17 E 22) and the 1633 edition of The herball or generall historie of plantes by John Gerard, published in London by R. Whitakers (location: Banc. 17½ B 6). Of the collection, merged into the library collections of the library, there is an index manuscript kept in the archives of the institution.

The legacy is described in the catalogue alphabetically by authors and titles of anonymous works, in cards, available at the entrance of the Library.

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