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Eighteenth-century Globe

Eighteenth-century GlobeAlready at the end of the XVIII century inside the Salone Teresiano there was a globe, master work by Vincenzo Rosa, employed of the library in 1793.

Written and drawn by hand, about the importance of the globe a letter dated 5 February 1798 by Antonio Scarpa and addressed to the Minister of Internal Affairs says:
"The three geographical globes built by the citizen Vincenzo Rosa, one of which is placed in this Library [...] provoke the admiration of everyone in the field, as for the ordinary greatness of these globes, the accuracy that marks each one of them until the most minute geographical thing together with the most recent discoveries. It is known to all employees of this university that the citizen Rosa [...] is by nature very diligent and very patient. When asked, experts of similar works assessed that only per its manufacturing can’t be less than a hundred sequins."

Of the three globes mentioned in 1798 one was part of the endowment of the Museum of Natural History of the University of Pavia, but its location is currently unknown.