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Dario Morani

Dario Morani(Pavia 1897-1980)

Born in Pavia November 23, 1897 by Agostino Morani, he inherited his father's passion for the republic and the participation to the cultural life of the city.
Founder of the "Pavia football club" he was for a short time goalkeeper of the team town. Among the most ardent interventionists from Pavia, he is one of the organizers of the student association “Giovane Italia”, founded in 1914 to which newspaper he actively cooperates. He enlisted in 1916 and fought first on the Carso then on the Albanian front, from which he comes back after the armistice hit by malaria.

Surveyor, he enrolled at the Faculty of Pharmacy, but soon abandoned his studies to devote himself to journalism: becoming a reporter at "La Provincia Pavese" and contributor to the Republican paper “La Squilla”. Appointed secretary of the provincial press, later he worked as a sports editor for "La squilla sportiva" and "La Gazzetta dello Sport."
During the twenty years he refused to register for the National Fascist Party therefore placed under constant surveillance and often marginalized.

In 1925 he started the business in Milan at Alfieri & Lacroix, photo typography among the most important in Italy for the graphics industry. Office manager, technical director and then finally, in 1941, General Director of the factory, Morani inextricably links his life with that of the company until 1970 without never compromising.

In 1945 he joined the Divisione partigiana Pasubio and after liberation he becomes several times the PRI candidate for the Milan City Council and the Chamber of Deputies in the general elections of 1953. In 1955 he was awarded with the Stella al Merito for the work under initiative of the employees of the factory, and the same year he was nominated Grand Officer of Merit of the Republic.

He returns in Pavia in 1972, and durng his last period he devoted himself to poetry in dialect. He died in San Remo on Jan. 14, 1980.

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