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Parchment Stock

Parchment StockThe stock, set up in the late XIX century, is composed of three main parts:

  • scrolls belonged to Giuseppe Robolini, probably donated at the University library in 1861 along with other manuscripts of his property
  • scrolls collected by the historian Siro Comi, arrived at the library before 1826
  • diverse cards on the origin of which is impossible to make any assumptions.

The stock consists of more than 800 documents dated between 1103 and 1785.

They generally are:

  • notarial deeds
  • litigation
  • leases
  • concessions licenses
  • marriage contracts
  • provisions of the city magistrates
  • provisions of the ecclesiastical authorities

The material relates mainly the area of Pavia and Lombardy.
The stock has a register manuscript.

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