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Siro Comi

Siro Comi(Pavia, 1741 - 1821)

Once accomplished the studies of Law at the University of Pavia, he began in the '70s a literary activity that gave him a good reputation in the restricted environment of Pavia’s educated class, and allowed him to enter the Accademia degli Affidati.

Siro Comi, however, was better known as historian: positively welcomed by contemporaries, his works still provide very relevant and useful information. An example is the one of the Ricerche storiche sull'Accademia degli Affidati (location of exemplary annotated: Ticinesi 89; location of marginal notes edition : Misc. 8 2166 11)currently constituting the best informed source regarding the literary Academies born in Pavia in the second half of the sixteenth century.

Erudite studies were also encouraged by his activity as archivist that Comi carried out, with some interruptions due to political events between the years 1786 to 1816 when he was charged with the arrangements of various archives including the one in University of Pavia.

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