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Journal des sçavans

The "Journal des sçavans" (later called "Journal des savants") was founded by Denis de Sallo and was the first scientific journal published in Europe.

The first issue was dated Monday, 5 January 1665. After the French Revolution, however, the newspaper became more literary losing the scientific vocation it had initially.

Journal des ScavansThe first issue published a mission statement of the newspaper: give account of the latest discoveries in science, inventions in the field of engineering, offering news on celestial and meteorological observations and the anatomical findings, review the decisions of the courts, publish obituaries of famous people and, ultimately, to treat everything that was susceptible of interest to a man of culture in Europe.

Over the time the number of articles about science published increased, and the "Journal des sçavans" played a considerable role in the dissemination of scientific knowledge and communication between scientists.

Published as a weekly (as it was published irregularly) until 1723, it became then monthly until 1792, when it was abolished. It was reborn in 1816 with the name "Journal des savants."

A new formula of the scientific journal of irreverent attitude was formed in 1999 under the name "Journal des savants." Directed by Jean Marcadé and Philippe Contamine, it is published twice a year, drawn up by a cheerful group of rabbits in plush, and aims to spread the intelligence of its editors in people.