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The University Library of Pavia is one of the most ancient public libraries in Italy, it belongs to the Country and depends on the Directorate General for Libraries and Cultural Institutes of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

As any other public state library, it keeps and recollects the Italian editorial production, both on a local and on a national level. It preserves and improves its own historical collection, acquires foreign books depending on the needs of its own users and on the specificity of its collection, documents its own belongings, provides bibliographical information and ensures the circulation of documents.

Its name and its location can be mistaken: actually the Library does not legally depend on the University of Pavia; however, since the beginning, the two institutions have always cooperated with one another.

Biblioteca Universitaria
Strada Nuova, 65
27100 - Pavia

Director: Cecilia Angeletti
Phone: 038224764 or 038233223
Fax: 038225007
Codice Anagrafe Biblioteche Italiane (ICCU): IT-PV0291
Identification code SBN (National Library Service): MILUP
Codice ACNP: PV003
Codice univoco per la fatturazione elettronica: A9HCE8