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Incunabula Collection

Incunabula CollectionThe establishment of the section incunabula dates back to 1848, data obtained from the first inventory. Ageno studied this precious material creating the catalogue that was published posthumously in 1954 by Tullia Gasparrini Leporace.
Incunabula have a various nature, though the most common origin can be detected in the monasteries, from the Library of Certosa to that of the monastery of San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro. The others arrived in the Library following major gifts and purchases: about twenty, for example, were part of the Corradi Stock.
Among the incunabula of great value it is remarkable for its antiquity one Opera by Lattanzio printed in Rome in 1468 by Sweynheym and Pannartz (location: 110 H 7) while it is of undisputed fame the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili by Francesco Colonna, printed in Venice in 1499 by Aldo Manunzio (location: 112 H 9).

spunta_ rossaDownload catalogue of incunabola (Federico Ageno,Librorum saec. XV impressorum qui in publica Ticinensi bibliotheca adservantur catalogus. Firenze, Olschki-Bibliopola, 1954): Part I icona winrar (RAR - 12,695 mb) e part II icona winrar (RAR - 8,879 mb)