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Mazzini Stock

Ex libris of Dario MoraniDonated by the family after the death of Dario Morani, the stock includes, in addition to a part of its Library, many books that belonged to his wife Angela Castellani Morani, and this "double origin" gives account of the heterogeneity of the collection.

Journalist and dialectal poet, Morani does most of his business at the Alfieri & Lacroix, typography and publishing house renowned for the graphic skill. To this area are related texts for graphics and color printing, as well as the collection of art catalogs, artistic agendas and calendars in the stock along with many travel books, magazines and some librettos 'work.

The stock aggregated by Angela Castellani Morani reflects her work as a teacher of French literature: literature and didactics of french language represent the main topics of the volumes, many of which include the autograph dedications to the lady.

Overall, the stock consists of about 1400 volumes with signature Morani and it has been fully cataloged in SBN.

spunta_ rossaBiographical note of Dario Morani

spunta_ rossaBiographical note of Angela Castellani Morani