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De Giorgi Stock

De Giorgi StockAcquired by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities in 1997 after Elsa De Giorgi’s death,the De Giorgi stock was destined to the University Library of Pavia to keep it in the same town where the notable correspondence between her and Calvino took place (Centro Manoscritti of the University).

The library, partially derived from the one that belonged to Sandro Contini Bonacossi, husband of Elsa de Giorgi, includes about  six thousand volumes.

The collection arrives in the Library in big boxes vaguely indicating the topic of the books: art, history of literature, literature, French literature, philosophy and religion, and other subjects.

As often happens for family libraries the stock is a very heterogeneous one, with some curiosities

in it, such as periodic pamphlets published  in french, spanish and german as well as italian; catalogues of auctions and national and international art galleries; big series and national editions; many periodicals. These volumes belong to the nineteenth or twentieth century, with some exceptions from the Seventeenth and Eighteenth century. There are also many manuscript dedications either inside the volume or on a note left by who donated the book.
The entire stock has been catalogued.


Biographical note by Elsa De Giorgi