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Belcredi Stock

Belcredi StockIn 1806 the Marquis Belcredi, in leaving his personal library to his lawyer Giuseppe Rolla, decided to donate to the Library some particularly rare and precious texts along with other volumes that the then director of Universitaria, Giuseppe Zola, should have selected for a total of fifty sequins. Over 200 volumes came then in the library mainly of literary subject.

The most valuable editions include the Herodoti Halicarnassei Historia, sive, historiarum libri novem di Erodoto, edited in 1570 (location: 12 E 7) with greek text and some incunabula, including Nonii Marcelli peripatetici tiburticencis compendiosa doctrina ad filium de proprietate sermonum by Nonio Marcello released in Venice in 1492 for the types of Nicolaum de Ferrariis de Pralormis (location: 110 F 1). Moreover there are some editions of Latin and Greek classics such as Petri Scriverii Collectanea veterum tragicorum, L. Livii Andronici, Q. Ennii, Cn. Naevii, M. Pacuvii, L. Attii, aliorumque fragmenta [...] edited by Pieter Schrijver and printed in Lugduni Batavorum by Iohannem Maire in 1620 (location: 128 F 9), the Poetae latini minores, edited by Pieter Burman, always released in Leiden in 1731, at C. Wishoff et D. Goedval (location: 128 C 1) and the Antiqui Rhetores latini, in the edition published in Strasburg in 1756 curated by Claude Capperonier, sumptibus J. G. Baueri (location: 120 I 15).

The stock is also enriched by numerous statutes of cities and professional colleges and twenty-seven treaties on administration of the various european countries come out in Leiden between 1627 and 1642 for the types Elzevier.
Gem of the collection is ultimately the Jacobi Gualle iureconsulti Papie sanctuarium by Jacopo Gualla edited in Pavia in 1505, for Jacob de Burgofrancho (location: Rari A 36).

The library also contains 122 bound volumes comprising over 2,000 pieces, mostly printed. This material, known as the Miscellanea Belcredi, does not belong to the collection left by the Marquis Giuseppe Gaspare Belcredi but it was bought in 1828 following the death of the lawyer Rolla, heir of his books and manuscripts.

The fund is described in the catalog alphabetically by authors and titles of anonymous works in cards, available at the entrance of the Library.

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