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Collection of Prints of Pavia

Collections of Prints of PaviaThe collection is made up of over 170 etchings, whose subjects are closely related to the history of the city and its urban and architectural appearance.
These are mostly views of the city through "bird's eye", although there are maps and depictions of celebrities. In addition there are some recordings of legendary or historical argument that refer to episodes during Langobardic period.
The time span of the collection ranges from the XVI to the early XIX century.

It is extremely difficult to reconstruct the origin of the collection because almost all of the prints lack of an entry number. The most plausible hypothesis is that the collection was born as a result of individual purchases made by the heads of the Library together with donations from private collectors.

The collection is currently available through an inventory manuscript and a printed catalog edited by Claudia Vassallo.

Download the Inventario delle stampe pavesi icona pdf (PDF - 10,759 mb)