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Ottavio Ballada

(Pavia, 1592 - 1661)

Man of great knowledge and broad education, he entered the Collegio dei Dottori Giuristi in 1631 and was a member of the Accademia degli Affiliati as well. Canonical with the title of coadjutor of the Decanato della Cattedrale, in 1643 he was Prevosto of the church of San Giovanni Domnarum and commendatory of the Priory of San Pietro in Lomello. He was the author of several works in verse, prayers and treatises on local history.

He had a keen interest in drawing, proofed by the commission of a number of important etchings related to the city, its territory and monuments: he is due to the oldest topographic map of Pavia, who had engraved and published by Lodovico Corti in 1654.

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