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Autograph Manuscripts Stock:Ugo FoscoloThe collection was gathered together in the mid-seventies of the XX century, by disaggregating the epistolary material contained in the donations arrived at the Universitaria and in the purchases made by it. Currently it preserves in 44 folders, about 13,200 pieces, mainly letters from various senders between the second half of the XVII century and the early XX century. There are also handwritten cards of various genre like notes, reports, statements. Among these, worthy of mention is an autograph account by Giuseppe Garibaldi, originally housed in the Nascimbene Stock, regarding certain military and naval actions carried out along the coast of Brazil between 1839 and 1840.
Senders and recipients are mostly professors from the University of Pavia, or at least characters, also of great importance, in some way related to the history of the city but not limited to this. Of particular interest two letters by Ugo Foscolo, one by Vincenzo Monti, two by Peter Metastasio, two by Ippolito Pindemonte, two by Cavour and some by Lazzaro Spallanzani.

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