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Giovanni Capsoni

Giovanni Capsoni(Pavia, 1792 - 1874)

Grandson of the memorable Siro Severino Capsoni, he studied medicine and surgery at the University of Pavia. Just graduated in surgery, he was forced to suspend his studies in medicine because of military service where he was called in 1812. As surgeon, he was assigned to the military hospital of Milan and Mantua, then, as health official he followed the viceroy Eugene Beauharnais in the Italian campaign of 1813-1814. In 1815, after the reinstatement of the Austrian government, he resigned as military surgeon to resume his studies in medicine, earning the degree. He was director of the hospitals of Monza, Bergamo and the psychiatric hospital of Milan. In 1848, forced to retire for health problems, he resumed his studies and his travels in Italy and in Switzerland, publishing interesting works on epidemics, on climate of lower Lombardy, and even a Guida alle principali acque minerali (Milan, 1852. Location: 60 A 33).

In his will, by which he donated to the University Library his books and manuscripts, he wrote: I believe that the works might merit a special care as they are all equipped with sheets intercalated, additions, footnotes etc. and annotations. Folders are useful for the interesting memories and for printed documents and manuscripts relating to the foreign and italian policy, science and public charity, the statistics, the Diarj or Zibaldoni for the news from 1815 onwards.

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