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Tassiano Stock of Antonio Terzi

Tassiano Stock of Antonio TerziThe stock, collected from third parties with passion and expertise of bibliophile during his professional career, was bought in 1990 by the University Library. In it they are preserved over 200 volumes. The lyrics are for the most different editions of the works by Tasso, although there are critical studies and books by authors in various capacities related to the poet.

The collection has a special importance because it keeps the first editions of the Gerusalemme liberata (Casalmaggiore, Canacci and Viotti, 1581 location Rot. 14 A 75; Ferrara, Heredi Francesco de 'Rossi, 1581 location Rot. 14 A 70; Venice, Perchacino, 1581 location Rot. 14 TO 60) and some of the original edition of the Dialoghi, as Il forno, ovvero della nobiltà, printed in Vicenza in 1581 by Perin and Greco (location: Rot. 14 A 77).

There are also volumes of great value and rarity as the aldein edition of the Aminta printed in 1590 (location: Rot. 14 A 59) and the editions of the Gerusalemme liberata illustrated by Bernardo Castelli (Genoa, Peacocks, 1604 location Rot. 14 A 113 ) and Giambattista Piazzetta (Venice, Albrizzi, 1745, location: Rot. 14 1).

Download the Catalogo del fondo tassiano di Antonio Terzi  icona pdf  (PDF - 610 kb)
(published in Antichi e rari. Recenti acquisti in antiquariato per le biblioteche pubbliche statali. S.l., s.n., 1991)

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