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Nascimbene Stock

Nascimbene StockThe stock, donated to the University Library in 1957 by a descendant of the Nascimbene, consists of handwritten cards and printed volumes.

The first are preserved with a special mark within the Ticinesi Stock and consist of almost 5,000 cards divided into 5 large lathes and 2 boxes. In addition to the comprehensive drafting by the same hands of Nascimbene of the work Storia dell'America meridionale, composed between 1850 and 1855 and never published (location: Fondo Nascimbene 18), the collection contains manuscripts of the author and in particular notes, notations and studies related to the history of Latin American countries. Besides them numerous printed historical pamphlets appear, some with dedications of friends. A whole volume is then dedicated to the rich bibliography collected by Nascimbene for the composition of his essay. Of some importance it is also a studio dedicated to admiral Alessandro Malaspina who Nascimbene took in great admiration. The collection is then enriched with fifteen little maps and military maps that were intended to complete the history of South America. Among the Nascimbene papers originally preserved there were two autographs of great interest. The first is a report drafted by Giuseppe Garibaldi in some naval battles he conducted along the coast of Brazil between 1839 and 1840. The document has been transferred into the Autographs Stock of the Library. The second autograph belongs to the american major Bernardo Piris da Piratini and it is a report in portuguese language regarding the revolutionary action he did when he was in command of the independent riograndense troops between 1835 and 1845.

Among the printed volumes, marked with the Fondo Nascimbene location, there are some notable numbers related to the portuguese magazine "O Povo. Jornal politico literário e ministerial da Republica Rio Grandense" (location: Fondo Nascimbene 19) and 17 printed texts published between late XVIII century and the sixties of the XIX century, all dedicated to the history of Latin American countries.

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