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American Philosophical Society

American Philosophical SocietyFounded in 1743 by Benjamin Franklin, the American Philosophical Society gathered doctors, lawyers, priests interested in science, and many artisans and traders cultured as Franklin. Among the members many founding fathers of the Republic like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Rush, James Madison and John Marshall, and many illustrious foreigners like Lafayette, von Steuben, Kosciusko.

In the XVIII century natural philosophy, the study of nature, included the type of research now defined as science and technology.

In the first issue of Transaction of the American Philosophical Society an introductory page contains the statement: "the promotion of useful knowledge in general, and some branches in particular ... It is the express purpose for which the American Philosophical Society was established”. Started in 1771, the Transactions slowly became a considerable series of monographs. Currently there are five numbers issued per year.

From the XVIII century to nowadays it received contributions by authors like John Bartram, David Rittenhouse, Benjamin Silliman, Franz Boas, Otto Neugebauer, and Erica Reiner. A quarterly journal, the Proceedings (started in 1838), publics documents of the biannual meetings of the company and others presented themselves. In 1935 a third series, the Memoirs, was started to report broader areas of research.

The Society has promoted the publication of the works by Benjamin Franklin, Joseph Henry, William Penn, and Lewis and Clark.