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Gustavo Vinay

Gustavo Vinay(Director 1951-1955)
(Chiabrano of Perrero, 1912 - Montichiari, 1993)

Graduated in literature at the University of Turin in 1934, for a short time he was a professor at the High School D'Azeglio in the same city.

Winner of the competition for government libraries by July 1, 1940 and assigned to the National Library of Turin, but in the meantime drafted, he actually began his service in the library from October 1943.

First class librarian since 1948, he was director of the University Library of Pavia from January 1951 to November 1955.

Lecturer in medieval Latin literature since 1942, in charge of the subject at the University of Pavia from '51 to '52, he was a professor at the University of Rome in November 1955.