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Leandro Zancan

Leandro Zancan(Director 1934-1936)
(Padua, 1906 - Treviso, 1958)

Graduated in humanities in 1927, and two years later also in philosophy, he was for a few years librarian in Gorizia, Palermo, Bologna, Pavia.

During his leadership the Library was adopted, for new acquisitions, with the signature for format in unique series, and the Sala del Popolo, today warehouse "Papia", was opened.

In 1936, after obtaining the chiar of Greek and Roman History at the University of Palermo, he opted for an academic career.

In December 1934 he obtained a professorship in Ancient History and the following year he gave a free course at the University of Pavia. Awarded in December 1936, thanks to its important publications in history and Roman law, with the qualification in the competition for the chair of Roman History at the University of Turin, he was called as a professor at the University of Palermo and left the career of librarian. Member of the Italian Libraries since its foundation (1930), he continued to participate in its activities to Congress in 1940.