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Paolo Nalli

Paolo Nalli(Director 1933-1934)
(Palermo, 1887 - Milan, 1967)

Graduated in humanities, in 1910 he began a career as a librarian in Palermo, Catania, Modena, Naples and Milan and Pavia, where he became director and stopped for less than a year. He was the author of anthologies of classic and popular works as well as of literary articles, bibliographies and poems published in periodicals.

In Pavia he denounced shortcomings, inefficiency and lack of space for the library, coming into conflict with academic authorities until being transferred.

Bright mindt and lively polemicist, he was the author of a popular action on the problems of libraries (Le biblioteche italiane, Roma, Problemi italiani, 1923; location: Misc. 4 1456 15), but he devoted himself mainly to literary activities, publishing and journalism.

Member of the Italian Libraries Association since its foundation (1930), he participated in all its congresses from 1934 to 1940; in the latter, held in Naples, he gave a report on the catalogue of popular prints that had started in the Braidense. From 1937 he was also an active member of the Academy of science, literature and arts of Modena.