Ministero dei Beni delle Attivitą Culturali e del Turismo Direzione Generale Biblioteche e Istituti Culturali

Augusto Riccio di Solbrito

(Director 1926-1927)
(Aosta, 1873 - Gorizia, 1932)

Graduated in literature at the University of Padua in 1897.
Declared eligible after the competition for government libraries banned in 1902, he was appointed under librarian at the Braidense of Milan. Transferred to the University Library of Genoa from September 1908, between 1911 and 1915 he was at the National Library of Rome, the Alessandrina Library and the Angelica library.

Transferred again, in February 1916, to the National Library of Turin, he came shortly after on leave, for health reasons, summing up the service in April 1918 to the University Library of Pavia. Since March 1919 he returned at his request to Braidense.

Appointed librarian with the reform of 1923, he was commissioned in April 1926 with the direction of our Library, where he was regent for one year only. The following year he was appointed Director of Government Library of Gorizia. He also directed the magazine "Studi Goriziani”.