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Girolamo Dell'Acqua

Girolamo Dell'Acqua(Director 1922-1926)
(Pavia, 1860-1926)

From Pavia, he graduated in Law in 1883, in 1885 he became a "student" of the Braidense Library. Since 1891 he worked as under librarian at the University Library of Pavia, whose father Carlo was director until 1883.

In 1918 he was transferred to Parma to take over the Palatine Library, which he held until 1922.

He returned to the University Library of Pavia, as director, in 1922, until his death in 1926.

It was a student of local history by collaborating to "Bollettino Storico Pavese" (location: Criv. 91), released between 1893 and 1894, to '"Almanacco sacro pavese" (location: Stren. Pav. 23) and by publishing his own brochures and studies. He also collaborated in various unique and goliardic releases.