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Filippo Salveraglio

Filippo Salveraglio(Director 1903-1922)
(Casale Monferrato, 1852 - Milan, 1925)

Student of Carducci in Bologna, he cultivated a friendship with Giovanni Pascoli in the wake of scholarly studies that led him to numerous publications. Since 1882 he was librarian in Rome and Milan, then director in Catania and Cremona, in 1903 in Pavia, then, from 1922 to 1925, he directed the Braidense.

During the years of World War I, the Library held a service for the distribution of books for wounded soldiers inpatients in colleges and schools, transformed by the emergency in hospitals. To the librarian was also given the direction of the News Office made up for the interruption of postal communication with many areas of the front: that archive, once finished its function, remained an incredible original historical document.

Salveraglio was also a member of the Committee on the new nomenclature of the streets and shareholder and executive of the Società Pavese di Storia Patria.