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Luigi Zapponi

Luigi Zapponi(Director 1884-1887)
(Ostiano, 1847 - Pavia, 1887)

He studied between Cremona and Milan, coming in 1873 as assistant to the Government Library of Cremona. Successive promotions and transfers led him to the Braidense of Milan, to the Alessandrina of Rome and finally, in 1882, as deputy librarian in Pavia, where in 1884 he became director of the University Library.

An untimely death at only forty interrupted his leadership, lasted only three years, which left no particular impact on the Library.

In a commemorative booklet (In morte del Cavaliere Prof. Luigi Zapponi Bibliotecario dell'Università di Pavia. Cremona, Fezzi, 1887; location: Misc. Corr. 8 210 24) the previous Director Carlo Dell'Acqua speaks of him as a very courteous and modest man who, while not leaving notable works, was able to manage the library with great attention not only towards teachers and students, but towards all readers, even the most naive, in the true spirit of the public library.