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Luigi Lanfranchi

Luigi Lanfranchi(Director 1825-1845)

(Pavia, 1782-1860)

He graduated in Law and Public Repeater, between 1802-1810, at the Faculty, he integrated from 1803 the revenues with the task of a writer at the Library. In those years he completed the catalogue, announced by Fontana, of academic dissertations.

In 1810 he consolidated his academic career obtaining the chair of Public Law at the University of Padua and, in 1818, the chairs of Political Science and Law Policy in Pavia. Because of a disease that reduced his voice to such an extent as to prevent the teaching, in 1825 he was appointed director of University Library.

He dedicated himself to inventory and catalogue thousands of volumes neglected for lack of staff, and as capable administrator, he managed to heal in 1835 the devastated budget of the Library. During his leadership, in 1826, the accidental fall of a floor revealed fifty manuscripts that belonged to the library of San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro contained in a box of which nobody knew the existence. Lanfranchi adjourned the collections of academic scholars, the most requested by teachers, and completed in 1835, the fundamental tabbed catalogue by initiating the coveted catalogue by subjects.

He left the Library in 1845.

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