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Juan Andres

Juan Andrès(Director from 1799 to 1800)

(Planès, Valencia, 1740 - Rome, 1817)

As graduated in humanities he entered the Society of Jesus on the eve of the suppression (1773). Jesuit expelled from the Spain of Charles III, he was director of the Library during the period of suspension of Gianorini.

Once settled in Italy he was a philosophy teacher in Ferrara and librarian in Mantua and Parma. Bibliophile, between 1785 and 1791 he visited the public library in Milan, Venice, Rome, Naples, Turin, Pavia, collecting news of great interest around italian collection and impressions of all kinds in letters sent to his brother Carlos, who gave it to prints in 1786 (and in an expanded edition in 1790-93) in Madrid under the title Cartas familiares. From his Cartas, in 1940, another director, Agata Lo Vasco, deduced an original journey through the books and papers of her Le biblioteche d'Italia nella seconda meta del secolo XVIII: dalle Cartas familiares dell'abate Juan Andrés (Milano, Garzanti, 1940; location: Papia B 614).

In June 1791 Juan Andrés arrived in Pavia and the reported about the Library that it was full of codes or old editions, but adapt to higher education.