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Costantino Gianorini

Costantino Gianorini(Director from 1787 to 1799 and from 1800 to 1803)

(Milano, 17..- 1803)

From Milan, convent friar he was appointed director in 1787.

Once replaced Gregorio Fontana in his duties, he began a new cataloging using for the first time mobile cards, a catalog raisonné "in separate cards" so that each new book and each new article published in miscellaneous works would be recorded in a "card" that would tell also the quality of the book, its history and its characteristics.

Lined up with the new arrival of the french regime, he was charged by additional responsibilities: for two years he held the chair of Logic and Metaphysics at the Faculty of Philosophy, then, until 1803, the one in Analysis of Ideas.

He gained the direction in 1796, but he was suspended from teaching in the months of summer 1799 during the Austro-Russian reaction in Lombardy. At the Napoleon’s return the decree of restoring theuniversity (june 23, 1800) reinstalled him in the functions of professor and in those, newly minted of President of the Library.

Gianorini devoted himself to the writing of catalogs, supported by employees Domenico Erba and Giacinto Gandini, along with the transcription of documents and historical compilations that are conserved among the manuscripts Ticinesi.

He died in Milan in 1803.

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