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Aurelio de' Giorgi Bertola

Aurelio De' Giorgi Bertola(Director from 1784 to 1786)

(Rimini, 1753 - 1798)

Still boy he entered the seminary and at only 17 years old he pronounced, forced by the family, the vote to the order of Olivetani. Escaped from the monastery, after a brief military experience he became a secular priest.

He taught history and geography in Naples, then, from 1784 to 1797, universal history at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pavia.

In his literary production, he alternated poetry to the works of historians and critics. Among the most important period in Pavia a particular attention to Della filosofia della storia (Pavia, Bolzani, 1787; location: 11 O 14), a work conceived also to fulfill specific academic tasks. The Teresian reforms infact imposed to the teachers from Pavia to do not “dictate” any classes anymore but to make use of a printed text that they had to write in case they did not use a previously published and approved book.

Friend of influential people, well-known poet, he frequented salons and academies, from Arcadia to the Affidati, of which he was the prince from 1785 to 1788.

Exactly in the Accademia degli Affidati of Pavia he consolidated his role as a poet and orator of great fame, as well as renew the institution with the affiliation of many illustrious new members not only in Lombardia, among which Giuseppe Parini, Ippolito Pindemonte e Girolamo Tiraboschi. His direction of the University Library, lasted a two year-period, did not leave any trace.