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Carlo Dell'Acqua

Carlo Dell'Acqua(Director 1879-1883)
(Pavia, 1834-1909)

Deputy librarian and regent after the death of Piccaroli, he was appointed director in the early days of 1879.

He graduated in Law in 1857 and the following year he entered as coadjutor the Library where he could devote himself to art-historical studies focusing on Pavia, which earned him several major publications. It was among the founders of the Society for the preservation of monuments of Christian art. In 1880 he was appointed to the Commission for the reorganization of the National Library of Rome, and the same year he managed to get an increase in staffing for the University Library directly addressing to the education minister Francesco De Sanctis.

He exercised his zeal also by reorganizing the administrative archive.

In 1883 he left the role for health reasons, but had the title of "librarian emeritus" until death.

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