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Agata Lo Vasco

Agata Lo Vasco(Director 1936-1941)
(Fidenza, 1905 - Pavia, 1941)

Of a cultured family, daughter of Dirce Santi, among the seventeen women students of Carducci, she graduated in 1900 with a thesis on storytellers of the XVI century, and of Professor Francesco Lo Vasco, Agata was born in Fidenza in 1905.

Just graduated she entered at the Braidense Library, first as a volunteer then, passed the competition in 1933, as adjunct librarian.

In just over six months of service she worked to the cataloguing of a thousand incunabula for the "National Centre of bibliographic information and inventories of rare works." After a brief passage in the Estense Library, she arrived in Pavia in July 1934, and became director of Universitaria in November 1936.

Her direction was characterized by the expansion and the radical restoration of the spaces of the Institute: they belong to that period the new Hall of Manuscripts (today Room Reserved), the restoration of the Salone Teresiano, the Hall of Magazines (today Reading Room) and the Hall of the People (today warehouse "Papia") with attached their book deposits that approached the university library to a more complete role of public library for everybody. In the same years were also made rooms in the Directorate and the Bursar.

All these works of arrangement and expansion of the library, thanks to the new spaces ceded by the University, implicated the transfer of thousands of volumes, which however did not deter the young director and her collaborators from the more closely bibliographic commitments . Other news of great importance were, in fact, the new classification of journals, newspapers and academic transactions and the arrangement of the biographical catalogue.

The Lo Vasco was innovator also with regard to the cultural heritage, realizing the importance of bibliographic exhibitions as dissemination tool to familiarize non-specialists with the Library holdings. She was the one in fact that provided the Teresian Salon with twelve showcases stable exposure used for the first time in April 1939 for an exhibition of autographs by Lazzaro Spallanzani and rare books of the XVIII century inaugurated by the Royal Highness Duke of Bergamo.

Her organizational commitment did not limit the scientific one, evidenced by articles, brochures, catalogues and essays and the volume Le biblioteche d'Italia nella seconda metà del sec. XVIII: dalle Cartas Familiares dell'Abate Juan Andrés (Milano, Garzanti, 1940; location: Papia B 614) awarded in 1937 with a prize from the Accademia d’Italia.

She prematurely died in 1941.