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Special catalogues

The Library's heritage is rich in stocks and special collections: these are stocks of manuscripts and printed collections that represents great value as unique or rare documents. These stocks and collections are not always available in the catalogue alphabetically by authors and titles of anonymous works but have specific catalogues or inventories that are grouped on this page.

Ticinesi Stock

Inventory of the Ticinesi Stock


Catalogue of the Fraccaro papers stored in the Ticinesi Stock

3,9 mb - PDF

Catalogue of the Siro Comi papers in the Ticinesi Stock

3,45 mb - PDF

Autographs Stock

Catalogue of the Sanesi correspondance stored in the Autographs Stock

2,3 mb - PDF

Parchment Stock

Scarica l'inventario delle pergamene - Pt. I (ZIP)

Inventory - Pt. I

47,7 Kb - ZIP

Inventory - Pt. II

14,1 Kb - ZIP

Inventory of the Editions of Manuscripts

292 mb - PDF

Inventory of Prints of Pavia

10,759 mb - PDF


Inventory of Rare Books

8,85 mb - PDF

Catalogue of Tassiano Stock of Antonio Terzi

610 kb - PDF

Inventory of the Miscellanea Belcredi

20,5 mb - PDF

Inventory of Printing Collection

12,4 mb - PDF

Inventory of the Miscellanea Ticinensia

11,7 mb - PDF

Inventory of the Miscellanea Giardini

6,68 mb - PDF

Inventory of Facsimiles Collection

1,04 mb - PDF

Inventory of Academic Transactions Collection

8,5 mb - PDF

Inventory of Maps Collection

3,9 mb - PDF

Catalogue of the Corradi Stock


Inventory of the Aldini Manuscripts

14,7 mb - PDF

F. Ageno, Librorum saec. 15. impressorum
qui in publica Ticinensi bibliotheca
adservantur catalogus.
Firenze, Olschki-Bibliopola, 1954

Ageno - 1st part

12,695 Kb - ZIP

Ageno - 2nd part

8,879 Kb - ZIP

Inventory of the Nascimbene Stock

765 kb - PDF

Inventory of First Editions of the XX Century

46 kb - PDF