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Photocopies and digitalizations

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This service is available for those who need to photocopy volumes possessed by our library, respecting copyright regulations: law 633/41 establishes that reproduction of material protected by copyright (books on the market and periodicals published during the current year) is permitted of no more than 15% of each volume or issue of periodical, excluding pages devoted to advertising.

The librarian in charge can grant permission to make photocopies. They can be approved for study purposes (Mod. 23) or for commercial purposes (Mod. 24).

Users are required to fill in a module at distribution desks. One copy of the request module should be kept by the librarian in charge.

Photocopies are made by librarians using the facilities in the library. The user will pay the cost of reproduction. A price list can be found in Distribution Rooms and in the Photocopy office in the Bibliography Room.

Reproductions are made differently depending on the type of material requested:

  • Copy machine
  • Table scanner
  • Planetary scanner
  • Printer

Reproductions can be made on paper or on a digital format (e.g. pen drive, cd-rom, dvd, provided by the user) or via e-mail.

Request can also be placed:

We do not accept requests by phone.

Reproductions using personal equipment

Users should ask for permission to reproduce books and documents using their own personal equipment. Reproductions should be made respecting current regulations on copyrighted material paying attention not to cause damage to the material.

Reproductions for editorial or commercial purposes

If a user needs reproductions for editorial or commercial purposes, it is necessary to specify in the publication the source of the material and to hand in to the Library two copies of the publication .

Timetable of the photocopy service