Ministero dei Beni delle Attivitą Culturali e del Turismo Direzione Generale Biblioteche e Istituti Culturali

Bibliographical information

The bibliographical information service is available for all the users who may need practical information regarding the facilities and the book collections of the Library; its aim is to help users to set up their researches with the most appropriate bibliographical instruments.

A librarian is available to:

  • Assist the user searching in the catalogues of our Library, card catalogues or online catalogues (on cd-rom, intranet or internet)
  • Assist the user searching in Italian or foreign catalogues (on cd-rom, intranet or internet)
  • Assist the user using bibliographies, both paper-based or online
  • Provide bibliographical help

The Library has a bibliographical apparatus useful for general researches on:

  • Biographies
  • Italian and foreign retrospective bibliographies
  • Catalogues of books on the market in Italy or abroad
  • National and foreign periodicals
  • National and foreign guides and address books of cultural institutions

Users can request information in person in our library or: