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Crucial to the cultural imprint of the Institute was the personality and work of some managers: over the first, the mathematician Gregorio Fontana, worth to be remembered, early on, even the brief presence of writers such as Aurelio de' Giorgi Bertola and Juan Andrés along with the Jansenist theologian Giuseppe Zola; later, outstanding scholars and teachers: Luigi Lanfranchi who drew a note of the papers relating to the Library of the Royal University of Pavia from 1772 to 1834 and finished his catalog of dissertations and academic acts, Vittorio Piccaroli, first historian of the Library, Carlo dell’Acqua, scholar of Pavia art, geophysicist Luigi De Marchi, scientist of good report, and yet the writer Filippo Salveraglio.

Under the direction of Ester Pastorello, first woman to hold this office, the library lived a period of rebirth, through years in which the reorganization of services and the provision of some collections were accompanied by a revival of interest in the archival material.

Gregorio Fontana
Aurelio de' Giorgi Bertola
Costantino Gianorini
(1787-1799; 1801-1803)
Juan Andrés
Giuseppe Zola
Elia Giardini
Luigi Lanfranchi
Giovanni Maria Bussedi
Vittorio Piccaroli
Carlo dell'Acqua (1879-1883)Luigi Zapponi
Luigi De Marchi
Filippo Salveraglio
Girolamo Dell'Acqua
Augusto Riccio di Solbrito
Ester Pastorello
Paolo Nalli
Leandro Zancan
Agata Lo Vasco (1936-1941)Teresa Rogledi Manni
Tullia Gasparrini Leporace (1942-1951)Gustavo Vinay (1951-1955)Silvano Gerevini (1955-1973)Maria Jole Minicucci (1974-1976)
Maria Anfossi
(1973-1974, 1976-1979)
Stefania Guardati
Maria Anfossi
Anna Maria Stella
Maria Letizia Sebastiani
Alessandra Bracci (2006-2014)Maria Paola Invernizzi (2014-2015)Cecilia Angeletti (2015-)